Frequently Asked Questions

What year is my Malvern Star bike?

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Is my bike covered by a warranty?

Yes, you can find the warranty inside the back cover of your owner’s manual.

Do I have to assemble my new Malvern Star?

No, all Malvern Star bicycles are sold through independent retailers who will build, assemble and fit your new bike to you. For your nearest stockist click here.

What size bike am I?

It is best to speak with your local bike store about the size and model you wish to purchase. They may allow you to test ride a few bikes or offer bike fitting services which will help you get the most out of your new Malvern Star.

How can I contact Malvern Star?

You can contact us directly via the below options, however if you need immediate assistance, please contact your local Malvern Star store – they are experts on our bikes and can answer any questions you may have.

Direct contact options are as below:

  • The contact form
  • Calling our customer service line on 1300 883 305 in Australia or 0800 999 123 in New Zealand
  • Facebook or Instagram

If you need technical assistance with your Malvern Star, please contact the store in which you purchased the bike from.

I bought a preowned Malvern Star. Am I covered by warranty?

Unfortunately not. The warranty covers the original owner who purchased the bike. It cannot be transferred to another person.

I have repainted my Malvern Star. Can you send me replacement decals?

Unfortunately, we cannot send you new decals. Our decals are produced at the time of manufacturing and we do not hold stock of decals.

How can I find the price for a specific Malvern Star model?

As Malvern Star is entirely distributed and sold through our retailers, it is best to call your local Malvern Star stockist for specific information such as pricing and availability.